This week in the Pentlands-part 2

After the rather poor views last Tuesday, Shadow and I headed off to Threipmuir on a clear, crisp day to (mostly) run down to The Howe to complete getting photos for some of the Pentlands walks I run through Hills of Hame.


We got going up the short stretch of road to Bavelaw and then hit the off-road tracks among the old meltwater channels at the edge of Bavelaw in bright sunshine that was also casting deep shadows in the glen we were running through.

As the sun rose, we got better light on some of the exposed geological and geomorphological features that are part of the Pentland Rocks! route.

We got really excellent views of the sweep of steeply dipping rocks of the Silurian Reservoir Formation. Shadow carried out some closer investigation of the unit but was disappointed that he found nothing edible.

We turned round and headed up up the slope towards Bavelaw, taking advantage of the different angles to get better photos of some of the features. On the way back a brief stop on the bridge before the car park yielded some good shots of the Whooper Swans on the ice-covered waters of the Red Moss reserve.


Before heading back to the car we took at turn around the boardwalk path as Red Moss, which is a Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) reserve and found some handy interpretation boards that detailed the formation of raised bogs and some of the key plants. I plan to include a trip round the boardwalk for future Mountain Training CPD days that are out that way.


I am a palaeobiologist in my early 40's carrying out research work. I am based in Scotland.

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