Hills of Hame now offering some urban exploration of Edinburgh via Airbnb experiences

Fossil fish and ammonoids on the streets beside famous landmarks? Hiking within sight of the centre of Edinburgh, but not among the crowds in Holyrood Park? Hills of Hame has offered these experiences, and others, since start-up in 2014. However, uptake from casual enquires has been limited, compared to organized groups with an interest in geology.

Flyers, pooling resources with other people offering more cerebral walking tours in Edinburgh and other approaches have not been very successful. Adding Paypal buttons to the website has not made any difference in sales. So, as an experiment, I’ve tried putting dates on the Airbnb experiences platform. The Pavement Palaeontology tour is one that has had some success in the past and I’ve also devised a new local hike in southern Edinburgh that takes in Blackford Hill and the Braids, avoiding the more crowded routes in Holyrood Park. So if the Airbnb selection of a couple of the Hills of Hame experiences gives you a bit more confidence to book, please use the links above.

I am a palaeobiologist in my early 40's carrying out research work. I am based in Scotland.

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One comment on “Hills of Hame now offering some urban exploration of Edinburgh via Airbnb experiences
  1. […] although I need to alter the route descriptions, as some parts of the Pavement Palaeontology and Edinburgh Rocks! routes stop at or near pinch […]

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