An unexpected Pavement Palaeontology bonanza at Straiton retail park

Earlier in the week I was out checking out another prospect for work, as expedition trips are few and far between just now, when I stumbled upon the stone cladding used on the Next Store. I don’t have any call to be in this part of the Stration Retail Park normally, so I had no idea this material existed. A marine limestone of some sort and I am guessing Upper Jurassic but I’m not sure beyond those points. Quite a few cavities with secondary mineralization or infill. Almost no belemnites either.

I’ll be popping most of the general shots up on Twitter feed for #FossilFriday posts but there was one especially excited me. It is a cross-section of an ammonoid that appears to show a classic draft infilling pattern, which is showing up as thin laminated layers of sediment.

Ammonoid with draft infill

Ammonoid with possible draft infill


More tomorrow on Twitter and I will be adding the location to the listings on Pavement Geology.


I am a palaeobiologist in my early 40's carrying out research work. I am based in Scotland.

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