A bit of Free CPD: Duty to Care and Sudden Cardiac Arrest from UKCoaching

Colleagues at Aspen Outdoors had mentioned a free CPR/AED online refresher offered by UKCoaching, which I went to their site to check out. I’m due to refresh my Outdoor Emergency First Aid with BASP shortly and CPR is a key skill set for all my first-aid work. I also found that the same organization offered a Duty to Care course, which I was able to complete from my ‘knowledge hoard’ from doing a number of other courses over the past few years in relation to my work delivering DofE expedition supervision and assessment and other outdoor activities for young people. Excellent opportunity to gain some recognition and benchmarking of that knowledge.

Duty to Care digital badge from UK Coaching

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest course was a new take on training CPR/AED and used some of the online techniques and tools such as QCPR from Laerdal, Resuscitation Council UK Lifesaver and Heartstart/Call Push Rescue from BHF. This was a brief course that is estimated at 30 minutes to complete. I will admit to skipping through a lot of the interviews and dramatic build-up, which do make such training more relevant and accessible for bystander CPR, but the core material was well-delivered. The focus on compressions and early use of an AED was up-to-the-moment. Showing what to expect from ambulance control, the advice to go to speakerphone and highlighting the ability of ambulance control to use their database of registered public AEDs to locate one close to an incident was another excellent feature of the training materials. A fantastic short course that could be delivered in a school period or lunch break for DofE participants as part of their expedition training but also a great way to deliver a skill that is far more likely to be used in or close to home.

I am a palaeobiologist in my early 40's carrying out research work. I am based in Scotland.

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