Hills of Hame has joined Harvey WorkingTogether scheme

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Harvey maps and books are tools that I’ve made increasing use of since undertaking my Summer Mountain Leader training in 2012. I first encountered Harvey products when I found a second-hand copy of the Seven Hills of Edinburgh map, which I used in the annual Seven Hills Challenge event to learn the route. The maps had a lot of additional information and were multilingual. I still have the maps, albeit now cut up into individual panels and laminated, to introduce clients to Harvey maps if I am running National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Bronze Navigator Award courses or other events in the Edinburgh area. Newer maps in the Harvey range are waterproof and don’t need to be laminated. Since 2019 the company has scaled back use of plastic wallets for maps as part of their environmental policy.

I started using Harvey maps more and more for hill and mountain activities, especially hill-running, more and more as the range and coverage has expanded. I’d used OS mapping for a good 25 years in print and digital forms as a geologist and converting did take practice but I now routinely recommend that people consider Harvey maps as their principal printed map.

The 1:40000 scale British Mountain Maps are, for me, the outstanding product in the Harvey maps range. As well as offering crisp and clear topographic mapping with the key information for hillgoers, the material on the back of the maps is well-chosen and relevant. If you need something to read before dropping off in the tent, the back of the map is always there. 

Harvey also produces several of the guides and tools I use to deliver NNAS and Outdoor Discovery Award courses. The guides benefit from the same high production standards that are evident on the map ranges. As work starts to pick up for the 2022 outdoor season, I hope to be able to visit the Map Shop and Bothy at Harvey HQ in Doune soon on my travels.

I am a palaeobiologist in my early 40's carrying out research work. I am based in Scotland.

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