Gift certificates for Hills of Hame experiences and training

Al is always open to enquiries about walks but sometimes people want to buy walks as a surprise or gift, so giving a gift certificate that can be redeemed against a range of Hills of Hame activities is another option that we’re pleased to support To make this option easier, Hills of Hame offers gift certificates of various values. A festive example is shown below but certificates are available all year round and have no expiry date.

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An alternative is to use the Airbnb experiences system, where Al offers a couple of Edinburgh experiences and would be happy to arrange to send a gift certificate if you would like one. Airbnb experiences are subject to availability within that system.
Pavement Palaeontology
Hike Braid and Blackford Hill

Hills of Hame gift certificates have no expiry date but the recipient will need to contact Hills of Hame to arrange their experience(s). If they do not use the full value, Hills of Hame can arrange another certificate for the unused value.

We’re all about what people can do out-of-doors, so can modify routes and experiences. Although Hills of Hame cannot take unaccompanied under-16s or anyone else who needs the support of a carer/buddy on their own, Al is happy to have one person with such a role accompany someone who has additional support needs for no extra cost but please contact Hills of Hame to discuss any special needs.

The options below are Paypal button options but Hills of Hame can take payment by other methods and for other amounts. Examples of what you your recipient could get for various values of certificate are given but these are illustrative.


£10 gift certificate: Buys a urban geology experience for one participant

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£20 pound gift certificate: Buys two urban geology experiences for one or one for two people

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£50 pound gift certificate: Buys a longer hillwalk within Edinburgh (e.g. Seven Hills) or the Northern Pentlands Skyline. A day of navigation training for one person.

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£100 gift certificate:  Overnight microadventure in the Pentlands for two. Hillwalking day trip in lowland Scotland (Pentlands, Moorfoots, Ochils, Campsies) for four. Navigation training for four people.

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Al is a Hill and Moorland Leader and has also completed the Expedition Skills module
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