Support for Long Distance Routes in Scotland

The number of long-distance walks in Scotland has grown considerably in the last decade. The West Highland Way and Southern Upland Way are long-established but a range of newer routes has sprung up.

As well as these more formal long-distance routes there are several classic lower level walks through glens or across drove roads. Some can be tackled in one long, hard day, others are multi-day adventures.

Hills of Hame can offer support for these walks on a case-by-case basis. Al does not usually offer to accompany parties for the whole length of these routes but there may be sections where an individual or party may want to have someone with extra skills and experience along for a day or two in a more remote are.

Here are some general tasks where Hills of Hame can provide help:

Accompany party (6 or fewer) for a day on established LDW path (e.g. crossing Rannoch Moor section of West Highland Way)

£100 plus charge for travel and subsistence

Lead party on a lower-level through route (6 or fewer) (e.g. Coulags Path from Torridon to Lochcarron)

£150 per day

Resupply run or cache positioning for walkers on remote multi-day expeditions (e.g. take food or kit out to a bothy RV point such as Carn Mor in Fisherfield Forest)

£75 per day plus charge for travel and subsistence if appropriate

Al is a Hill and Moorland Leader and has also completed the Expedition Skills module
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